What is $Royal?

$ROYAL is a token distributed with allocation based on the amount of royalties that NFT collectors have paid out to artists. We will roll allocation out progressively over a period of a few weeks.

Holders of team collections will have a bonus allocation.


Total Supply: 69 million ROYAL tokens
Burn: 0.69% on each transaction


Coming soon...



A small portion of the supply will be sold to raise money for initial LP seeding. The full amount raised will go towards creating a liquidity pool.


The $ROYAL devs will calculate allocations and set up claims for the token.


Artists and collectors leverage $ROYAL in their art and projects.

F. A. Q.

Royalties are vital for supporting artists and creators in the NFT ecosystem. $ROYAL seeks to celebrate and incentivize the community's commitment to honoring these payments, thereby fostering a culture of support and appreciation within the NFT community.

$ROYAL contract will enforce a 0.69% burn on each transaction.

Eligibility is based on royalty payments made during specific periods. You can verify your eligibility by visiting this link.
Note, a minimum of $100 paid in royalties has been set as the minimum eligibility criteria to avoid small token allocations.

Phase 1 (2021-2023): Retroactive rewards based on royalties paid during this period, accounting for 75% of total claimable tokens. This phase also includes team-project allocations.
Phase 2 (First Half of 2024): Rewards based on royalties paid in the first half of 2024, representing 12.5% of claimable tokens.
Phase 3 (Second Half of 2024): Similar to Phase 2, for the second half of 2024.

Yes, there will be two rounds of pre-sale for $ROYAL, with 5% of the total supply allocated for these sales. Details will be announced on Twitter/X (@royaltokenio).

5% of tokens are reserved for holders of specific team-projects. Distribution is prorated based on the number of NFTs held. Snapshot dates will be announced for eligibility via Twitter/X (@royaltokenio).

At the end of each claim phase, any unclaimed tokens will be rolled into two buckets
1) a team-projects bucket for holder distribution at the end of the third claim phase
2) an artists' bucket for possible curated drops in $ROYAL.
A second holder snapshot for the accrued team-projects bucket distribution will be announced at the end of the final claim phase. Unused tokens from the artists' bucket will again roll into the team projects bucket for possible future claims.

$ROYAL is unique because it carries no direct utility but serves as a powerful symbol of appreciation within the NFT community. It rewards those who support creators through royalty payments, reinforcing the values of generosity and support in the blockchain space.

We plan to have minimal presence limited to Twitter/X. This project is for the community and we want it to take share by the community.


To contact the team, shoot us a DM on X.